The Segway i2 SE or x2 SE Will Transform The Way You Work, Play and Live!

Segway i2 SE

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i2 SE

  • The i2 SE easily travels through standard doorways and into elevators.
  • Move from indoors to outdoors in a snap.
  • You can take your PT anywhere you need to go.
  • The i2 SE offers impressive range and speed. It’s ideal for trips that
    are too far to walk and too short to drive.
  • You can just enjoy a ride, improve your overall productivity at work, improve mobility while traveling in your RV and so much more.
Segway x2 SE

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x2 SE

  • Hop on the more rugged x2 SE and explore trails, paved paths, beaches or any off-road terrain in a whole new way.
  • Enjoy the road less traveled with the Segway x2.
  • With the x2, you can chart your own course. Its innovative design moves you over a variety of terrain, be it the grass in your backyard or the gravel and dirt in your favorite off road spot.
  • Deeply treaded tires, scratch resistant fenders and higher ground clearance give you a smooth, stable ride, and the durability you’ve come to expect from Segway.
  • And with the unmatched performance of Segway’s LeanSteer technology, your body will anticipate and conquer the trail ahead.

It’s only fair to warn you though – gliding on an i2 is highly addictive. Once you’ve experience it, you’ll find yourself constantly looking for opportunities to ride.

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