Segway Patrollers i2, x2 and SE3

  • Around the world, officers rely on Segway PTs to help get them where they need to go. They press a button on a wireless InfoKey™ controller, step up, and they are ready to patrol for a full shift before needing a recharge.
  • They’re able to do more rounds in less time, get to the scene more quickly, and deter crime all along the way.
  • Organizations use Segway PTs to patrol and respond to emergencies.
  • They can put a guard out on a Segway PT and the public feels like there’s more of a security presence. It’s part psychological, its part fact.
  • Someone patrolling atop a Segway PT can see above the crowds and be seen. The rider is noticed and that translates into fewer car break-ins and lives saved because emergency equipment was able to be brought to a patient in need.

patrol-zero-emissionsGreen Benefits

  • The Segway PT can be a major part of your organization or city’s efforts to curb the consumption of fossil fuels and creation of excess greenhouse gases.
  • Since each Segway PT operates off of lithium-ion batteries, it’s inherently zero emissions during operation.
  • This makes it a transportation tool that can be ridden indoors.